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Bartender Vs Mixologist

Bartender Vs Mixologist

What’s the difference?

The way I see it - they are both similar. Like Ryu and Ken, depending on how you look at it - or who is looking at it for that matter - as long as you’re taking care of your guests, slinging out the best drinks you possibly can and loving what you’re doing, that’s all that matters. Ken’s hurricane kick is pretty sick though.

Round One – Break it down

Bar – a counter in a pub, restaurant or café across which drinks or refreshments are served

Tender – a person who tends, cares for, looks after or gives attention to a person or thing.

Mix – To combine or put together to form one substance or mass

Ologist/Ology – the scientific study of a subject


The Bartender

Whether you’re in a top-end London bar slinging banger cocktails, a country pub pulling pints, or slinging out pitchers of Woo Woos in a ‘Spoons, I think we can all agree you’re a bartender - right? Not necessarily a good bartender but a bartender, nonetheless.

For me, the part about being a bartender that matters most is the “tender”. As long as you care about the drinks that you’re serving - no matter what they are - and you look after your guests, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a bartender or which awards you’ve won. You’re trying to make the experience of the guest the best you can. Rock on, you sexy beast.

The Mixologist

When said out loud this word can divide a room at a bartending seminar quicker than E. Hondas slaps. In the world beyond slinging drinks if someone has the suffix ‘ologist’ on their job title you know they’ve been studying their particular field for fucking ages. They. Know. Their. Shit. I don’t just mean reading a couple of books or doing a few posts on Instagram (#PicOfTheDay) - these guys are pros. If you’re a pro when it comes to mixing drinks call yourself a Mixologist. Don’t worry about people kicking off or taking the piss, you worked for it.

Final Round –

If you see yourself as a Bartender and a guest says, “OMG you’re such a great mixologist!” don’t reply with “MIXOLIGISTS ARE DICKS, I’M A BARTENDER”. Wind your neck in. We all have different approaches to what we do in this industry. It blows my mind the techniques bartenders and mixologists are inventing to improve both their drinks and the customer experience. Call yourself what you want. Let the guest call you whatever makes them feel good. Just make sure everyone leaves your venue happy and you and your team are loving life. #Hadouken

Shout out to Rebbecca Sides for the proofread and #ProEdit

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