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Starward Two-Fold, Australian Whisky

Bottler – Starward (New World Whisky Distillery)

ABV – 40%

Age – N/A

Cask – Australian Red Wine

Grain – Wheat & Malted Barley (60/40)

Today (02/10/19) I've had the pleasure of attending a range tasting of the Starward range (and a few special ones) Hosted by founder (and Legend) David Vitale. If you’ve heard of Starward and their approach to distillation, aging, and blending, I’m sure you can guess how interesting my afternoon was. I had the chance to taste some incredible liquid today, I’m sure I will write in the future. But today I’ll concentrate on the newest addition to the range “Two-Fold” it’s a banger.

Starward’s slogans “Whisky For Forward Drinkers” and this dram certainly represented this ethos. Their production method is different from any other brand I’ve come across before. For a start, the malt/grain is a darker roast (not quite Balvenie Dark Barley, but darker no the less) then when it’s time for fermentation. They don’t just use Distillers Yeast they use a house blend of Distillers Yeast and Brewer’s Yeast making a fruity aromatic wash. This particular whisky is distilled and fully matured in Australian Red Wine Casks, 60% Wheat and 40% Malted Barley, distilled and aged separately then blended. So not your everyday Whisky, also did I mention they're based in Melbourne Australia? Anyway to the Whisky!


Stewed jammy red berries, vanilla spice and a hint of chocolate orange


the jams still there and it tastes delicious, big red fruits with a cereal backbone with a hit of tannic oak spice.


Light dry spice, with a hint of menthol and Liquorice


This is an amazing dram, not only great value, forward-thinking and delicious (also great branding) it's banging in cocktails. Its versatile and delicious, and I can’t wait to see what the team at Starward comes up with next!

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