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Octomore Event Horizon, The Beast From The... West?

Octomore Event Horizon, Fies isle 2019

Bottler – Bruichladdich

ABV – 55.7% ABV

Age – 12 Years Old

PPM – 162.6

Cask – Oloroso & Pedro Ximenez

Quantity – 2000

What a Beauty!

This one’s doozy! I was lucky enough to be invited to work with the team at

Bruichladdich for this year’s Feis Ilse (still not sure how to pronounce this).

I was invited by Abi (Uk Brand ambassador for Bruichladdich) to work with her and Megs (FAM bar London) we were asked to design some Botanist based cocktails for Bruichladdich day. We spent a couple of days Forging, prepping and testing the products (obviously) then we served up our banging Botanist Gin cocktails during the Bruichladdich Day celebrations, it was this day I tried this beaut of a liquid for the first time. I’ve been lucky enough to try it a few times since. Anyway to the Liquid!


Smokey charred caramel, toasted almonds, burnt raisins and salty green chili with lingering stone fruits.


Extremely rich with sticky dates, fresh tobacco spice, orange rind, super charred oak and cinnamon spice, lingering burnt coconut.


The sticky fruits linger, dates, jammy notes all surrounded by the classic Octomore salty sweet smoke. (and a cheeky bit of honey in there)


This is probably the best Octomore I’ve ever had rich and complex, the age takes some of the edge off the heavy peat. If you ever get the chance, drink it!

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